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Free Cisco Networking Certificate: Enroll Fast

Cisco  offers a Free Certification Program in the field of Networking.  Everything you need to know about this program is here! About Cisco ...

Cisco offers a Free Certification Program in the field of Networking. Everything you need to know about this program is here!

About Cisco

Cisco is a multinational American technology corporation in San Jose, California. Cisco develops and produces network software, telecommunications equipment, and other integrated services.
Cisco certificates improve customer satisfaction and trained personnel will better understand problems and understand them to solve them with higher success rates. According to 75% of the administrators, Cisco certificates are important for the best teams.


About this Course

Networking is at the heart of any digital organization. Networks are essential to many business functions today, including mission-critical data and operations, cybersecurity, and more. Many carrier paths are network-dependent, so it is important to understand what the network can do, how it works, and how it is protected.

In this course, you will be able to learn about the basics of networking. Learn how devices communicate over a network and understand network addressing and network services. Practice building your home network and basic security settings. You will also learn the basics of configuring Cisco devices and how to test and troubleshoot network problems.

What you mainly Learn

  • Networking Basics
  • Networking Protocols Basics
  • Network Services Basics
  • Home Networking
  • Introduction to Cisco Networking
  • Networking Essentials
Course includes
  • Great Knowledge
  • Free Cisco Certification
  • 70 hours of course content
  • 43 Labs to practice

How can I Enroll in the Cisco Certification?

Here's the Source & Link to apply for Cisco free certification 

Enroll Link

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