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Free Microsoft Certification 2022 | Microsoft DigiSaksham Program 2022

Microsoft Digisaksham Certification | National career service Today's job market is highly competitive for mainstream students, so emplo...

Microsoft Digisaksham Certification | National career service

Today's job market is highly competitive for mainstream students, so employers also require accessibility skills for skills and expertise that are in high demand. Recruiters and companies are indeed looking for knowledge about digital technologies that can really help them grow their business.
Microsoft has decided to partner with DigiSakhsham to launch free training courses on various trending technologies. This joint initiative of the Ministry of Labor with Microsoft India aims to improve the mobility of young people by providing them with excellent education in most of the skills demanded in global trends.

About Microsoft Digisaksham Program

Digisaksham is a public-private initiative to develop job seeker skills to get better employment across India. Only candidates registered with NCS will benefit from the teaching service and certified by Digisaksham. Supported by Microsoft.

Federal Cabinet Minister Bupendra Yadav said there was a lot of competition in launching the NCS Microsoft Digisaksham program. Today's employers are looking for talented and knowledgeable people. Computer skills should be a priority for young Indians. Similarly, Anant Mahshwar, President of Microsoft India, said that India has achieved its vision for digital India and Indians now have access to many digital technology opportunities. India has the potential to become the world's technology superpower.

Microsoft Digisaksham Program will provide free Certification in the field of:

1. Essentials of MS Excel

What is covers:
  • Guidance and pre-assessment
  • Book formatting and personalization
  • Processing and formatting data in cells
  • Functions and Formulas
  • The main points of the table
  • The main points of the table
  • Power BI Plugins & Basics
  • Post-assessment and roadmap

2. Essentials of Java

What is covers:
  • Induction and Pre-evaluation
  • Understanding the Basics of Java
  • Use of data types, variables and expressions
  • Implement flow control
  • Object Oriented Programming - I
  • Object Oriented Programming - II
  • Compiling and debugging code
  • After assessment and step-by-step planning
Microsoft Global Skills Initiative(GSI)

  1. Microsoft Learn
  2. LinkedIn Learn
  3. GitHub Repo

How to Join this program?

Here's the Source & Link to apply for the Microsoft Free Certification

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