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DataScience Certification career path

About DataScience Statistics technology is the field of making use of advanced analytical strategies and clinical standards to extract preci...

About DataScience

Statistics technology is the field of making use of advanced analytical strategies and clinical standards to extract precious facts from information for business selection-making, strategic planning, and different packages. Data science encompasses various disciplines such as data engineering, data preparation, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, data visualization, statistics, mathematics, and software programming. 

Data science is a very good profession with huge growth opportunities in the future.
Demand is really high, salaries are competitive and benefits are plentiful - which is why data science is called a "promising profession".

About the DataScience Certification career path

GreatLearning Technologies offers a free DataScience Certification roadmap for students as well as working professionals to enhance and upgrade their skills in this competitive environment. Strengthen your data science skills by strengthening your basic knowledge. Join this free course and get a thorough understanding of the lifecycle, activities, programming language, and concepts of the analysis environment.

The data technological know-how foundations route proffers your knowledge at the creation to the problem and gives you insights into the special stages of its lifestyles cycle. The course covers topics approximately diverse tasks achieved in facts technological know-how and special programming languages that are well suited to paintings to deal with the tasks correctly, and gadget mastering, contributing to the dynamic behavior of machines and making giant associations with ds. The analytics panorama is some other big element within a business enterprise, which you may learn in the latter part of the course, to apprehend the workflow and the asset distribution thoroughly. You will take an assessment to test your gain at the challenge. The route additionally affords you the examination materials for your reference at any given factor after enrolling in it.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Data and Data Mining
  • Brief about Machine Learning
  • Programming Languages for Data Science
  • Landscape Analytics 
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • Introduction to Data Science

Enrolling Benefits

  • Free global valuable certificate.
  • Able to learn the most demanding skills absolutely free.
  • Free Resources and study materials.
  • Free lifetime access.
  • Opportunity to learn 21+ modules from industry experts.

How to Enroll in the DataScience Certification course?

Here's the Enrollment  Link and Other Details to apply for the DataScience Certification Career path.

Click on a select career path and then select data science

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